Print + Fax + Scan

Printing & Photocopies

  • BLACK & WHITE – single-sided: $.15 per page
  • COLOR – single-sided: $.50 per page

Mobile Printing: Printing from personal devices is available using the Printer On service. Printouts can be retrieved at the Print Release Station in the library. Prices are the same as above. For more information about wireless mobile printing, please CLICK HERE.


The library has a Fax service available to the public near the Information Service Station.

  • Faxes are $.50 per page.
  • Faxes can not be received at the library.


The library has a general document scanner for public use near the Information Service Station. The scanner allows for saving to USB thumb drive, email, mobile device, Google Drive, and OneDrive. There is no charge for scans.

The library also has a high-end flatbed scanner appropriate for photos, slides, and negatives avaialable in our Memory Lab. Use of the Memory Lab is by appointment only. For additional information, please CLICK HERE.