Borrowing Materials

Loan Periods & Fine Schedules

General Collection

ItemLoan PeriodItem Limit*Number of RenewalsFine Per DayMaximum Fine
Books21 Days*3$0.25$10.00
Audiobooks21 Days153$0.25$10.00
Magazines7 Days*3$0.25$6.00
Music CDs21 Days*3$0.25$10.00
DVDs/Blu-Rays7 Days*3$0.50$10.00
TV Series on DVD14 Days*3$0.50$10.00
Video Games14 Days53$0.50$10.00
Interlibrary Loans21 Days5Varies$1.00$10.00
Craft Bags (No Holds)7 Days*0$0.25$10.00
eReader Devices14 Days10$1.00$10.00
Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
Roku Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
Launchpad Devices7 Days13$1.00$10.00
Chromecast Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
* With your library card, you can check-out a total of 250 items.

“This Just In!” Collection (No Holds)

ItemLoan PeriodItem LimitNumber of RenewalsFine Per DayMaximum Fine
This Just In! Books14 Days50$1.00$10.00
This Just In! DVD/Blu-Rays7 Days50$1.00$10.00
This Just In! eReader Devices14 Days10$1.00$10.00
This Just In! Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
This Just In! Roku Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
This Just In! Chromecast Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00
Kids "Tech It Out" Devices7 Days10$1.00$10.00

The Thingery Collection (No Holds)

  • Items may be checked out for 7 days. Explore Passes vary.
  • Holds cannot be placed on most Thingery items.
  • Thingery Items cannot be renewed.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid CAFE library card in good standing.
  • Certain items require a signed agreement form.
  • Items must be checked-out and returned at the Circulation Desk of Mukwonago Community Library
  • Please return items to the Circulation Desk. Explore Passes may be returned in the book drop.
  • Overdue fines are $1 per day on all items. Explore Passes vary.
  • Click HERE to view the full Thingery Circulation Policy.

Renew Items

  • You may renew items online by logging into YOUR ACCOUNT. You can also call us at (262) 363-6411.
  • Items on hold for another borrower cannot be renewed.

Return Items

  • Return most materials 24/7 in the book drop on the library’s south side.
  • You may return most items at any of the libraries in the Bridges Library System.
  • Certain materials (Thingery items, hotspots, etc.) must be returned inside the Mukwonago Community Library building. Please check the catalog.

Overdue, Damaged, and Lost Items

The Mukwonago Community Library has established a materials recovery program to encourage library patrons to return books and other materials on time. In addition to the following, charges or fines of $10.00 or more will result in the suspension of library privileges.

What happens when items are due:


The library sends you an overdue notice.


The library sends you an overdue notice.


The library sends you a third overdue notice that includes fines and replacement charges with processing fees.


Items are sent to the lost status and the patron’s account is billed with the replacement cost of the items.


Accounts will be sent to Unique Management Services. A service charge of $20.00 will be added to your account. Unique Management Services will contact you to request the return of the overdue materials and payment of all outstanding charges.

Over the next 120 days, the collection agency will make multiple attempts to contact you. If you do not return the overdue materials and complete or establish a payment plan, your account will proceed to the next stage listed below.


Unique Management Services reports your overdue account to a credit reporting agency which may affect your credit rating for up to seven years.

For more information on the Materials Recovery Program, please call 262-363-6411 or visit the library.

Thank you for helping us ensure that everyone has access to materials in the Mukwonago Community Library collection.