OverDrive / Libby

OverDrive and Libby provide access to popular and bestselling eBooks, eAudiobooks, and videos from your library. Stream content in a web browser or download titles to mobile devices.

NOTE: Libby is a new app released by OverDrive. It has the same collection of titles as the OverDrive app – it’s just a more user-friendly way to access the same digital library collection. Libby is a little faster and easier to use.

Libby is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Libby is great if you just want to download a book to your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

OverDrive is the “classic” app, and is compatible with more devices, including Kindle Fire, Macs, PCs, and Windows mobile devices. It also allows for transfer to MP3 players from computers.

Getting Started

What do I need to use OverDrive or Libby?

  • Tablet, smartphone, PC/Mac computer, Kindle device, or MP3 device (for eAudiobooks.)
  • Mukwonago Community Library card number and email address (to place holds.)


What is Libby?

Libby is a reading app for borrowing digital books and audiobooks from the library’s OverDrive collection. This free app, created by OverDrive, is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10 devices. Libby is highly recommended for those new to borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks.

Here are the steps to install and use the Libby app:

  1. Install the Libby app from your device’s app store.
  2. Open the app and find Mukwonago Community Library. You can also search for the library by name, city, or zip code.
  3. Browse the library’s collection and borrow a title. When prompted, sign in with your 14-digit library card number and PIN.
  4. Borrowed titles appear on your Shelf and download to the app automatically so you can read them when you’re offline.

From your Shelf, you can:

  1. Tap Start Reading or Start Listening to open a title.
  2. Tap the cover image, then Send to Device to send a book to Kindle.

If you can’t get Libby on your device, you can try using the original OverDrive app. For more help, visit the Overdrive help page.

You can also access Libby from your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browser at libbyapp.com.

Checking Out

How do I check out titles from OverDrive?

Click on a title’s cover. If the title is available, click “Borrow.” If you are using the Libby app, your title should load immediately. If you are using the OverDrive app, go to your “Loans” page and select a download format. Your title will now start loading. Go to your “Bookshelf” to access your title.

How long is the lending period for an eBook or eAudiobook?

The lending period is set to 7 days by default for all items, but you can adjust the checkout time to 7, 14, or 21 days during the checkout process.

How many titles can I check out at once?

You can check out up to 10 titles at one time. These are not counted against your physical materials limit. You may also place 10 holds on items at one time.

What is the OverDrive Read/Listen format?

It is a format that allows you to read or listen to OverDrive titles in most web browsers. It requires a constant Internet connection since you will be streaming the content and not downloading it.

How do I get an eBook on my Kindle?

Libby gives you to option to read your ebook in the Libby app or send it to your preferred Kindle device.

  1. Go to your “Shelf” in the Libby app.
  2. TAP the title jacket/cover.
  3. TAP “Send to Device.”
  4. TAP “Select your device” then “Kindle.”
  5. TAP “Send to Kindle!”

You’ll be taken to the Amazon.com website to finish getting the book. TAP “Get library book,” sign in, and choose a device to which the title will be delivered.

Can I listen to OverDrive eAudiobooks on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

Yes. If you have an iOS device (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), you can borrow and download audiobooks directly using OverDrive’s app for iOS. If you’re using a non-Apple MP3 player (like a SanDisk or Sony device), visit the OverDrive Help page for instructions specific to your player.

Will you be adding more titles to the OverDrive collection?

We purchase many new titles every month. Newly added titles appear at the top of the OverDrive website.