MetaSpace 511

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What is it?

meta [met-uh]

  1. in the midst of, among, between
  2. implies community, participation, or change

MetaSpace 511 is a makerspace. It is a gathering place for all ages to create, invent, tinker, learn, explore, transform, and discover using a variety of tools and materials. 

A Space To Learn and Grow

The “Maker Movement” has been gaining momentum for years, especially in public libraries across the country. While our libraries once focused primarily on print materials, today their purpose has evolved toward creating places for broader educational needs, community engagement and collaboration.

Our new makerspace, MetaSpace 511, will achieve these goals by integrating technological advances with traditional materials, services, and values. It is a place for the community to come together to create, invent, and learn.

MetaSpace 511 is a natural fit for our library, where seeking knowledge and growth has been a core value for ages.  So stop in, tinker, learn something new.

Let’s “Make” the future together!

3D printing

62864122 - two happy engineers looking at architectural model in 3d printer

Make your own 3D object using one of our two 3D printers.

Memory Lab

60450463 - a scanner for film and slides

In our Memory Lab you will be able to transform your old home movies, slides, photographs, film, and recordings into digital files.

Virtual Reality

52549244 - happy woman using virtual reality headset at home

Explore alternate realities with the Oculus Rift, a state-of-the-art virtual reality headset.

 DIY Crafts

24912620 - a person designing colorful earings with plactic beads

Take a rock painting class, learn to draw, or make your own soap. Let your creative side shine.


57232129 - four multi ethnic teenage students making a physical tests with electric circuit at the laboratory

Experiment with electricity–squishy circuits, switches, snap circuits, and more.


68764124 - teacher with pupils in science lesson studying robotics

Engineering, programming, critical thinking, or just tinkering–discover what the world of robotics offers.

Coding & Programming

35650670 - programmer occupation - writing programming code on laptop

Coding and programming are the new lingua franca of technology and the future. Try your hand and see what you can do.


9368022 - woman seamstress work on the sewing-machine

Don’t have a sewing machine? Stop by and use one of ours.