Videos: Curiouser Things


Where Does My Book Go? Did you ever wonder where your items go when you return them to the library?

Kelsey talks about her experience with It’s free with your library card and accessible from home.

Check out a cool demo of Osmo.

Another really cool demo of Osmo.

Osmo Demonstration #3.

Fun with Drones in MetaSpace

Fun with Drones in MetaSpace #2

More Fun with Drones in MetaSpace

Steel Tongue Drum Promo

Check out a karaoke machine!

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Check out a few of Terry B.’s favorite things.

And here are a few of Virginia’s favorite Things.

Take a look at a few of Tammy’s favorite things.

And here are Kim’s favorite things.

A few of Craig’s favorite things.


Our few of our fearless leader’s favorite things. 

Parkview Middle School stopped by to treat us to carols!

Kelsey’s Favorite Things.

Here are a few of Vicki’s Favorite things too!

And here are Lisabeth’s favorite things.

Jane’s Favorite Things.

MCL really can do anything! That’s right…we laser engraved a hot dog!

Learning to drive one of our new Parrot Mambo Fly drones, which are available for check out!

Laser Engraving Class – 2019

Introducing the Kalimba!

Portable Roll-Up Piano…yep, it’s available for check out!

Remember Together: Flip Pal Portable Scanner