Video Digitization

The Memory Lab has a Sanyo VCR, a Wolverine Film2Digital MovieMaker scanner for converting 8mm film, and a Sony Handycam Vision video camera used to convert Hi8 cassettes.

Note: When digitizing video cassettes, please remember that transferring the content is done in real time. (1 hour of video cassette = 1 hour of transfer time). There is additional processing time needed at set-up and at the end to save your work. 

Note: When digitizing 8mm film, digitization is a little slower than real time. A 3-inch reel (approx. 15-20 minutes of film) will take roughly 40 minutes to record. A 5-inch reel (60-80 minutes of film) will take approx. 2 hours. 

When saving to USB Drive:

When saving or moving files on a USB device, please note that the FAT32 file system (likely the default on your USB Drive) won’t accept files larger than 4GB (about 1 hour of captured video.) The USB will have to be formatted to exFAT to accept larger files. The process is easy, but reformatting a USB drive will wipe off all the data, so either come with a new drive, or be prepared to move your files off the drive and back onto it when reformatting it.


To format your USB drive to exFAT on a computer in the Memory Lab:

  1. Connect your USB to the computer.
  2. Click on the File Explorer menu. (The little folder icon at the bottom of your computer screen)
  3. On the left of the screen, right-click on your REMOVABLE DISK.
  4. Click on FORMAT.
  5. Pick exFAT (instead of FAT32).
  6. Click START and then, OKAY.