Meeting Rooms

Study Rooms

The library has 2 study rooms available. These are appropriate for 1-4 people and are available on a first-come / first-served basis. No reservations.

Meeting Rooms

The library has a total of 4 possible meeting rooms available by reservation only.

Community Room (can be partitioned)

  • Full Large Meeting Space-no partitions (up to 120 seated)
  • Partitioned Medium Meeting Space (up to 60 seated)
  • Partitioned Small Meeting Spaces (up to 20 seated)
  • Partitioned Small Meeting Spaces (up to 20 seated)


  • Meeting rooms in the library are to be used for general information, educational, cultural, and civic needs, including activities such as discussion groups, panels, forums, lectures, conferences, seminars, and meetings. The public spaces are intended to host organized meetings and are not available for party-type functions.
  • Non-profit groups may use the public spaces for the purpose of educational, cultural, recreational, social, service, and civic activities. For-profit agencies may use the public spaces for staff, educational, training or team-building seminars, and activities for a nominal fee.
  • Library facilities may not be used for commercial demonstrations or for sales promotion of products or services.
  • You will find the Mukwonago Community Library’s Public Space Usage Policy HERE.