Local Author Rod Vick: Drive-By Book Launch Event, Oct. 5th @ 6 pm

Local Author Rod Vick will be returning to Mukwonago Community Library to launch his next two books, Haunted Mukwonago and A Phantom Hides the Stars (the sequel to A Phantom Walks Among Us). Rod Vick is the award-winning author of 20 books, including the popular seven-book Celtic dance series beginning with Kaylee’s Choice, the murder whodunit A Phantom Walks Among Us, and its sequel, A Phantom Hides the Stars.

This will be a drive-by event. Stay in your car and let the author come to you! 


Haunted Mukwonago: Chilling stories from local restaurants, cursed hotels, a cultish commune that catered to mobsters, and a lake spirit who demands annual sacrifice—these are just a few of the more well-known curiosities that contribute to Mukwonago’s rich tradition of legend and lore. Add fortune tellers, radioactive lake monsters, seances, the witch of Frog Alley Road, haunted houses, gruesome murders and the stories of dozens of local residents, and it makes one wonder: Can one village really be this haunted? Now, all of these stories, the familiar and the arcane, are together in one book, Haunted Mukwonago by Rod Vick, a fun and fascinating journey through village legends, history, and nightmares.


A Phantom Hides the Stars: The Village of Mukwonago, Wisconsin is rocked when one of its most beloved members is senselessly murdered in a home invasion, and then rocked again by his wife’s apparent suicide a week later. When odd circumstances surrounding both deaths seem linked to a stolen century-old journal and its cryptic prophecies, police officer Nate Janowsky and local newspaper editor Star Calloway team up to dig into the town’s arcane history, desperate to stop a killer ruthlessly pursuing a legendary treasure. Cheating spouses, cursed millionaires, spy cameras, fortune tellers, surfing bandits, homicide, suicide, filicide…all the chaos leading to a lethal New Year’s Eve showdown. A Phantom Hides the Stars is the sequel to last year’s Mukwonago murder whodunit, A Phantom Walks Among Us.