Library Board of Trustees

Representing Name Email Term Expires
Village Appointment Jim Bodendorfer / Treasurer Email This Trustee 2018
Village Appointment Deb Calvey / President Email This Trustee 2017
Village Appointment Jerry Gasser Email This Trustee 2018
County Appointment Vacant Email This Trustee 2017
Village Appointment Sandy Kaufman / Secretary Email This Trustee 2019
Village Appointment Diane Magolan Email This Trustee 2019
Village Trustee Mark Penzkover Email This Trustee 2017
County Appointment Howard Pringle / Vice President Email This Trustee 2017
School Representative Nick Reichhoff Email This Trustee 2017
County Appointment Kathleen Usarek Email This Trustee 2017
County Appointment Donna Whalen Email This Trustee 2017

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Jerry Gasser Mark Penzkover Howard Pringle Kathleen Usarek

Personnel Committee

Jerry Gasser / Chairperson Nick Reichhoff Donna Whalen Mark Penzkover

Finance Committee

Jim Bodendorfer Sandy Kaufman Howard Pringle

Policy Committee

Howard Pringle / Chairperson Diane Magolan Nick Reichhoff Kathleen Usarek


The Library Board meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:00 pm. in the Library meeting room.

Agendas For Upcoming Meetings

Board Meeting Minutes are available in PDF format for:
April 19, 2017
March 16, 2017
February 16, 2017
January 19, 2017
December 15, 2016
November 17, 2016
November 9, 2016 (Special)
October 20, 2016
September 15, 2016
August 18, 2016
July 25, 2016 (Special)
July 21, 2016
June 16, 2016
May 19, 2016
April 18, 2016 (Special)
April 4, 2016 (Special)
March 21, 2016
February 22, 2016
January 25, 2016

Director’s Report
Financial Summary
Statistical Summary



Mukwonago Information
Board Bylaws
Annual Report
2017 Library Budget

Mukwonago Policies (Approved)
Board Bylaws
Board Vacancy Procedure
Circulation Policy
Confidentiality and Privacy Policy
Display Case and Posting Policy
Finance Policy
Finance Procedures
Firearms Policy
Fund Disbursement Policy
Gifts and Donations Policy
Materials Selection Policy
Policy Development Flow
Public Computers and Internet Access Policy
Public Space Usage Policy
Theft of Library Materials Policy
Social Media Policy

Mukwonago Policies (scheduled for review)
Emergency Policy
Naming Rights Policy
Personnel Policy
Problem Behavior Policy