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Hoopla Support

Getting Started

What is Hoopla Digital?

Hoopla Digital is a digital streaming service for library users to access eBooks, eAudiobooks, music, movies, and TV shows using portable devices like smartphones and tablets.


What do I need?

  • Tablet, smartphone, computer, or TV with streaming capabilities.
  • Email address and password.
  • Library card number (only needed one time in the registration process.)
  • Hoopla Digital app or updated browser software (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc.)

Step 1: Register for a free Hoopla Digital account

Go to hoopladigital.com and click on the blue Get Started button. (You may also use the free Hoopla Digital app to register. The registration process is similar.)


Step 2: Enter your information

Enter your email address and create a new password. Review Hoopla Digital’s terms and conditions and click on the Agree button. Once your account is verified, you will need this email address and password to sign into Hoopla Digital.


Step 3: Choose Mukwonago Community Library

Mukwonago Community Library may appear in the list of nearby libraries. If Mukwonago Community Library doesn’t appear in the list, type it in the search box.

Click on the Next button to continue registering.


Step 4: Enter your MCL card number

Type your library card number – includijng all number, letters, or symbols, with no spaces – in the box. Click on the Sign Me Up button.

NOTE: If your library card number ever changes, you will need to update your Hoopla Digital account at Settings > Library > Library Card Number.


Step 5: Start using Hoopla Digital

You’re done! You will now be automatically signed into Hoopla Digital. If you need to sign into Hoopla Digital in the future, use the email address and password that you registered in Step 2.

If you need further help, email us at mukref@gmail.com or call us at (262) 363-6411.