Drones at the library? You bet. Drones seem to play a bigger part in our lives every day. They are used in everything from research, transportation, and movie production, to news reporting, law enforcement, and simple entertainment. Who knows? Maybe one day a drone will deliver library books right to your house!

If you’d like to learn more about them or maybe take a test drive yourself, MCL can help. We have several drones you can see in operation or even check out. Take a look at what we have, below:

Airblock Modular Drone

Airblock is made up of 1 core master module, and 6 power modules. Connect them magnetically to quickly build an aircraft, a hovercraft or a variety of other DIY configurations!

Parrot Mambo Fly

Discover the Parrot Mambo, the quadcopter drone that is easy to fly and remains stable due to its autopilot. You can interact with your friends and even take your picture from the air.

DJI Mavic Pro

A small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvas easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. Its compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of the most sophisticated consumer “flying cameras” ever.

Scoot Hands-Free Hover Drone

A high–tech, 360-degree, sensor-guided hover drone. Just toss it in the air and it flies. No remote is required because you control it with simple hand gestures! Drones for beginners and for kids have never been easier to use.

How can I see a drone in action or take a test “flight” myself?

1.  You can attend a library-led program about drones. This is your best way to witness the state-of-the-art DJI Mavic Pro. Check our online calendar for upcoming programs.

2. Check one out and take it home with you! MCL has two Parrot Mambo Fly drones you can check out for seven days. Be sure to check the online catalog to see if they are available.