Farewell Message from Library Director Angie Zimmermann

November 13, 2020

Dear Mukwonago Community,

I’m writing today to inform you that I’ve resigned from the Mukwonago Community Library Director position and have accepted the Executive Director position with the Racine Public Library. My last day at MCL will be Friday, December 11th, so we still have ample time for safe goodbyes and farewells!

It has been my absolute pleasure serving the Mukwonago community, the library patrons, and working with its dedicated staff and Library Board. I must thank the community for being so receptive to all of the innovative and creative ideas brought forth from the library in the past four years. I also want to thank each and every one of you for supporting the library and for helping to make it thrive and continue to be the crown jewel of the community.

This was most definitely an emotional decision for me to make but in my heart, I feel that it’s the right one and I’m confident MCL will continue to move forward leaps and bounds offering excellent library services and resources to its patrons. I am honored and feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be part of the history of the Mukwonago Community Library.

Wishing the library, the community, and the patrons the absolute best wishes for a bright future.

Yours in Reading,

Angela Zimmermann
Library Director

From Mukwonago Community Library Board President Howard Pringle

Angie’s phenomenal outreach to the community, her innovative and groundbreaking ideas and programs, and the relationships she built with individuals, businesses, and educators will be greatly missed by MCL and the Mukwonago community. The Mukwonago Community Library has reached a position of leadership in libraries under her direction; she has set a very high level of excellence that any successor will have to work very hard to match. She will definitely be missed.

The Board has initiated a process to appoint a temporary interim director while the process for recruiting and interviewing a new permanent director is underway.

– Howard Pringle

On Behalf of the Staff of Mukwonago Community Library

On Midnight Magic in December 2016, Mukwonago took its first gander at Angela Zimmermann, the newly appointed Library Director of Mukwonago Community Library. Four years later, appropriately on Midnight Magic 2020, we will sadly bid farewell to Angie Zimmermann, Library Director extraordinaire.

What has transpired in these four short years is nothing short of exceptional. Angie’s inspiration, energy (unequaled by the Energizer Bunny,) dedication, and fearless reinvention of library service is unparalleled. MetaSpace 511, the Thingery, the Cultural Showcase, exemplary library programming, and community outreach are but a few examples of a never-ending list of accomplishments.

Covid prompted a whole new look at safety measures & library services. Angie approached this new challenge with thoughtful concern for staff and community safety, in addition to developing new and inventive ways of keeping the library relevant during an exceptional time. The result is proof that a library can function and provide stellar library services during a pandemic.

On December 14, 2020, the Racine Public Library will gain Mukwonago’s loss. SPOILER ALERT RACINE PL: Fine-tune your ears for the only person we know who can talk faster than she walks, has the energy of a gazelle, a quirky sense of humor, and most importantly requires a coffee shop be within near distance of the library.

The staff of the Mukwonago Community Library sincerely thank Angie for her dedication, innovative thinking, fearlessness, and the rebuilding of trust within the staff and the community. Angie is indeed, one of a kind. Racine Public Library is yet another beginning to a successful journey– our sincerest best wishes.

– The Staff of the Mukwonago Community Library