A Trip to the Library…From Your Couch

  • Take a trip with us!

    Take a trip with us!

    We know you have missed coming to the library. We’ve missed seeing you too. It’s difficult when your normal routine is disrupted, especially when it involves visiting the library in person. As many of you know, the experience of going to the library can be just as meaningful and important as the wonderful materials we have for you to borrow. While all of our online resources will always be available to you from home 24/7, it’s just not the same experience. The quiet study rooms and comfy chairs, the camaraderie of working on a jigsaw puzzle with soon-to-be friends, the games of Canasta, storytimes, evening programs, and the warm smile you receive when you walk through our doors– those things are all on hold for the time being. 

    What follows is our attempt to recreate the experience of coming into our library during less tumultuous times–to virtually reimagine some of the experiences we know you love so much. No, it’s not the same, and some are a little silly….but maybe it will bring back a few memories, elicit a chuckle, and help us all get through until our doors open once again. 

    Click the tabs to begin your visit! 

  • First, let’s grab a drink.

    First, let’s grab a drink.

    The first thing many of us do as we enter the library is grab a cup of coffee or tea. We can’t give you a virtual cup, but how about an ASMR video of making a cup? And let’s make it fancy Italian coffee! Enjoy and relax… 

  • Check out that crazy book display.

    Check out that crazy book display.

    The library’s staff is always trying to think of creative interesting ways of highlighting our incredible collection. You can’t miss our book displays when you come in. Want to see some others from libraries around the country? Have a look below.

    From BookBub.com

    From Pinterest

    Librarians just being funny


  • Need a new library card?

    Need a new library card?

    Alas, Lindsey and the rest of our staff aren’t able to make you a new library card for the time being. But you can register online from home and access all our great online resources. Start on the My Account page and go from there. Check out the video tutorial we made if you get stuck. 

  • Browse our book sale.

    Browse our book sale. Never know what you’ll find.

    A lot of our patrons’ first stop in the library is a quick browse of our book sale. Steve is always hard at work making sure you have a fresh inventory of new-to-you items to choose from. We won’t send you to an online bookseller while we’re closed, but check out this awesome article about the magic of “ex-library” books. 

    “Discarded Delights: The Joy of Ex-Library Books”

  • Storytime at the library. A family tradition.

    Ahh, storytimes at the library. A family tradition.

    Every week moms, dads, caregivers, and their kids crowd in for storytimes with fun stories and songs from Miss Jane and Miss Michelle. That’s a little tricky to do when the library is closed, but now you can experience virtual storytimes for the little ones on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

  • Kids love reading to our Paws-to-Read dogs too.

    The kids love reading to our Paws to Read dogs too.

    How could a kid NOT love sitting down with a furball and reading a favorite story to him? We know lots of you do. Don’t worry, the dogs will be back when we reopen. We tried to find an online equivalent to share but we couldn’t. So here is video of funny pets…

  • Coming in to relax and read the newspaper?

    Just coming in to relax and read the newspaper?

    Every morning some of the first folks through the doors are those that come to read the paper and get a nice relaxing start to the day. While not the exact same experience, you can access tons of newspapers and articles with several of our online databases…


    Newspaper Source Plus

    U.S. News Stream

  • Chair Yoga!

    Chair Yoga!


    Led by instructor Shawna, our bi- weekly chair yoga is becoming more popular every session. Shawna will be back, but for now try one of the many chair yoga sessions available on YouTube…

  • Let’s work on a jigsaw puzzle!

    Let’s work on a jigsaw puzzle!


    One thing we’ve learned: our patrons LOVE working on our jigsaw puzzles together. From open to close, there is almost always someone struggling with a 1000-piecer. It’s not quite the same, but you can do jigsaw puzzles on your computer too…




  • Zentangle with Terry

    Zentangle with Terry

    An evening program we know many of you look forward to is our Zentangle classes. If you’re looking for a way to blow off steam after a long day, try your hand at this easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images. Until we are able to reopen our doors, you can follow along with Terry and her online class… 

  • Friday Flicks @ the Library

    Friday Flicks @ the Library

    Every Friday afternoon without fail, between 20 and sometimes upwards of 80 of you come to enjoy a free movie and popcorn with us and we know many look forward to it. While we can’t figure out how to replicate the smell of our fresh-popped popcorn online, there are many ways to watch free movies from home. Here are a few…



    Pluto TV

    The Roku Channel


  • Our world-famous Bluegrass Jams

    Our world-famous Bluegrass Jams

    Once or twice each month for years, Elmer, Doc, Jim and the gang set up shop for a three-hour hootenanny. It’s an evening of fun, music, and camaraderie. We can’t wait to have everyone back! In the meantime, here’s a bluegrass concert to tide you over… 

  • Don’t forget to spent some time outside.

    Don’t forget to spent some time outside.

    The grounds around the library are beautiful. Feel free to stop by on a nice day while we’re closed, sit on a bench, and read a few chapters in the sun. Or enjoy a virtual walk through the woods. That’s nice too…