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#14 – Community Room

The Community Room is a large gathering room just off of the Lobby that hosts many of the MCL’s larger programs. More often than not, the activities here draw a large crowd of happy community members and patrons.

#13 – Lobby

The Lobby is where all patrons at Mukwonago Community Library are welcomed. Entrances to the Communty room and the Library itself sit at the end and bathrooms are located nearby for convenience.

#12 – Young Adult Area

The Youth Study Area is where teen patrons are invited to relax or study. Nearby to the MCL Cafe, teens are welcome to study, read, or just hang out.

#11 – Circulation

Circulation is the center of Mukwonago Community Library. This is where patrons enter and leave with books in hand and is central to nearly all of the sections in the library.