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Our Mission

Inspiring creativity, promoting discovery, and building community.

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Library Strategic Plan

During the fall of 2017, Mukwonago Community Library launched its strategic planning process with the intention of engaging library stakeholders in a collaborative effort. Through a community survey and a series of focus groups with residents, library staff, and local community leaders, the library collected feedback on what the Mukwonago community desires from its library.

After analyzing this data and input, the library Board of Trustees developed four overarching priorities to guide the direction of the library, focusing on remaining relevant to the Mukwonago community and meeting the variety of needs of its service area, while upholding the values of responsible financial stewardship and the role of the library as a provider of learning opportunities.

This strategic plan, which is a direct response to the feedback the library received, was approved by the Board of Trustees in August 2018. Through conversations held during the planning process, the board and staff revised the mission statement of the library to accurately reflect its role within the Mukwonago community.

As we look to our future, we hope you join us in inspiring creativity, promoting discovery, and building community. Click here for the Strategic Plan.

Library History

A History of Your Library

Library Policies (Approved)

Board Bylaws
Board Vacancy Procedures
Circulation Policy 
Confidentiality and Privacy Policy 
Display Case and Posting Policy
Donation of Materials Policy 
Emergency Procedures
Finance Policy
Finance Procedures
Firearms Policy
Fund Disbursement Policy
Library Position Compensation and Performance Evaluation Policy
Materials Selection Policy 
MetaSpace 511 Procedures and Agreement Form
Naming Rights and Commemorations Policy
Personnel Policy
Policy Development Flow
Problem Behavior Procedures
Public Computers and Internet Access Policy
Public Space Usage Policy 
Social Media Policy
Theft of Library Materials 

The Library also affirms the principles upheld in the American Library Association’s Code of EthicsLibrary Bill of Rights, and Freedom To Read Statement.

Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

#14 – Community Room

The Community Room is a large gathering room just off of the Lobby that hosts many of the MCL’s larger programs. More often than not, the activities here draw a large crowd of happy community members and patrons.

#13 – Lobby

The Lobby is where all patrons at Mukwonago Community Library are welcomed. Entrances to the Communty room and the Library itself sit at the end and bathrooms are located nearby for convenience.

#12 – Young Adult Area

The Youth Study Area is where teen patrons are invited to relax or study. Nearby to the MCL Cafe, teens are welcome to study, read, or just hang out.